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Employee Benefits

Every business regularly faces risks/threats that must be duly mitigated to protect the organization and ensure steady, viable growth. At Oliver Insurance Brokerage, our experts assess all of your business’s current and future risk exposure using operational data. These risks are then closely analyzed to prepare a tailor-made package of insurance products that provide your business with comprehensive protection and coverage.

Protecting your employees, your future, and your corporate strength.

Valuable employees are essential to an organization's sustainability and growth. A major part of retaining and nurturing employees is providing them with comprehensive employment benefits that cover everything from health insurance to retirement plans. Oliver Insurance Brokerage works with businesses to determine the level of employee benefits that are likely to incentivize employees and make sense from a financial standpoint. We apply a financial analysis model that incorporates short-term, foreseeable fluctuations in your specific industry and revenue projections. Our extensive experience with the Affordable Care Act enables us to develop an employee benefits package that ensures federal law compliance and maximizes employee satisfaction, all while operating within viable fiscal limits. 

With Oliver Insurance Brokerage, you can build an encouraging, sustainable, and fiscally responsible workplace that operates with the highest efficiency possible.

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